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For new businesses, effective brand marketing is essential. The following tips will help you get the word out and increase profit:

  • Advertise in the WHOIS database. This is often the last thing people think to do, which is why it’s first here on this list. The WHOIS database contains contact information for everyone who registers a domain name. When you check WHOIS, you can choose to update your listing to an enhanced business listing, which not only helps drive traffic to your website but can help drive traffic to your brick and mortar location as well.
  • Have a great logo and be consistent with it. Logos are extremely important. For example, the Starbucks logo is instantly recognizable. No matter where you are on the planet, if there’s a Starbucks, you can spot it a mile off even through bleary, uncaffeinated eyes. Make sure the design templates and brand standards for your logo are high-quality and consistent, with the same look, feel, color scheme and logo placement throughout. Then make sure your logo is everywhere!
  • Create a brand “voice.” This voice will reflect your brand and will be the voice of your company. Again, consistency is key. Your brand voice and imagery should be applied across all communication both online and off. A brand voice can be anything you want it to be – formal, funny, casual, upscale. Just make sure you choose a voice that’s appropriate for your company and product.
  • Create a memorable tagline. The 80s were a fantastic time for brand taglines. There are still generations of people who remember lines such as, “Tastes great! Less filling!”, “Good to the last drop!”, and “Where’s the beef?” And those were over 30 years ago! Of course, these days lines such as, “Can you hear me now?”, “That was easy!” and “Open happiness,” might be more recognizable to Millennials. However, Nike’s “Just do it” hails back to 1987, and is still going strong today. That’s the power of a great tagline.
  • Be true to your brand. A brand is often described as your promise to your customers. Your brand tells them what they can expect from you and what you will deliver. If you don’t deliver on that promise, customers won’t be back.

Be consistent with your brand marketing efforts and keep these tips in mind to help ensure your brand stands the test of time.

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